Touch Me! by Atari
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1978 Handheld game. Atari's one and only foray into the handheld market. Gameplay is similiar to MB's Simon. It is alleged that MB actually got the idea for Simon from Atari's arcade machine Touch Me in 1974, which this handheld is based on.  
This example of the game is in Excellent, fully tested condition with battery cover. Just a couple of very light marks on the facia, close to 10/10. Includes instructions on base and separate manual.
LCD Electronic games became popular between 1980 and 1987. They use liquid crystal to display black graphics against a grey background, although many variations of this kind of display exist in both handheld and tabletop form, including clear screens, colour displays and multi-screen games. Nintendo may have set the benchmark with their legendary Game & Watch games, but there are 100s of other fantastic LCD games from the era just waiting to be discovered. Today LCD games are highly prized, with some rare handheld games fetching considerable sums.
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