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SUPER RARE 1979 home computer from Texas Instruments. This is the rarer original TI-99 with the smaller keys, and not the more popular TI99/4A. Uniquely, it was the first computer to have a 16 bit processor.

The original TI99/4 has quite a funny history in the UK. While it was one of the most powerful of the 1970s computers released, the UK version was shipped in an NTSC format, meaning it was impossible to use it on any UK displays of the time. Texas quickly realised their error, and released the TI99/4A complete with PAL signal output, built in language and chunky keyboard. The TI99/4 was actually only available for just over six months, which is why it is so rare.

This computer comes without power supply, or TV connection cable, however has been tested with TI99/4A cables and powers up fine.

This rare example is in immaculate condition, it may not have the original packaging, but is quite beautiful aesthetically. Also included is the original manual. A rare and highly valuable machine really now for collectors only, if you're looking for a usuable TI99 for gaming, then go for the TI99/4A.
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