Quickshot VII Deluxe Joycard Controller *MINT
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Original 1983 Quickshot VII Joycard - Joypad /  Joystick Controller

For any hardened retrogamers out there, this truly is a wonderful item. This is the unique Quickshot VII Joycard, as close as you can get to playing classic 8-bit and 16-bit games on a console style joypad. It sits in the palm of your hand, with the fire buttons naturally at your finger tips. The central pad's travel is nice and short, making this a very tactile and acurate controller. A dream to use when compared with standard retro joysticks. Also features LED lights when you fire, and thanks to the dual button design, is comfortable for both left and right handed gamers.

In genuinely brand new and unused condition. This joypad has been in storage since the mid-1980s, in its original freight box. It hasn't seen light the light of day for twenty five years, so is in truly beautiful condition. Sealed in its original blister pack, with no sun fading, and no shelf wear. The outer box is glossy, like new, and the contents of course are perfect.

This is a standard 1980s Atari style joystick, so compatible with the vast majority of 8-bit and 16-bit computers and consoles. These include:

Atari VCS and 2600 (all models)
Commodore 64 and C128 (all models)
Commodore Amiga (all models)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (with joystick interface)
Atari ST (all models)
Commodore Vic-20
Atari 400 & 800 Computers (all models)
Atari XE Consoles and Computers

Don't miss this chance to get hold of a classic joystick in MINT condition.
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