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MEGA RARE 1981 add-on component for the Intellivision console. This component turns your Intellivision into a working home computer. Unlike the US version, this far rarer UK version is made up of two separate components, the computer adapter slots into the side of the intellivision like the Intellivoice module. Then the keyboard plugs into the computer adaptor.

The computer add-on for the Intellivision is shrouded in controversy, law suits, and recalls. There were 4000 units created for the US market, it's quite different, providing a shell that the Intellivision sits inside, and adds a cassette deck.
The unit and the separate keyboard are in Excellent condition. Doesn't include power supply, but does include original manual and trouble shooting guide. 
Don't miss your chance to own the ultimate Mattel Intellivision expansion unit.
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