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The holy grail of electronic games. When launched in the early 1980s, the Fidelity Phantom was the most expensive electronic game ever created. The reason why it is so special, is that playing chess on this machine, is like playing with a ghost. The computer's pieces are moved by themselves, as if you were playing with the invisible man.

It is quite beguiling to watch, particularly when the computer moves a piece to the edge of a square, then moves the piece behind through the gap, finishing by nudging the obstructive piece back into the centre of its square. Once you complete your game, you can then play the whole game back in reverse - great for seeing where your strategy collapsed - with the machine moving all the pieces on the board until they finally rest in their start position. It's quite a jaw dropping sight, even when you've played the game many times. When a piece is removed from the board by the computer, it puts it in a space at the side of the board. You never have to help the computer with moving its pieces at all.

There are multiple skill levels, puzzle modes, timer modes and a whole host of professional chess features. As a relative novice player, i've found the computer a challenging opponent even on the easy levels. There is an LCD screen, which clarifies positions moved, tells you the amount of moves the computer has calculated you have left before check mate, and the time taken between moves. There is also sound, some re-assuring sounds so you know when it is your turn (just in case you didn't notice the machine moving its piece on the board!).

This example of this Super Rare machine, is complete and immaculate. Fully boxed, and fully tested. Box is in great shape, 8/10, with MINT poly inners. Original manual is in very good condition, with two other paper inserts. The power supply still has its poly bag, the chess pieces are housed in their own card box with plastic inserts and even spare tops for the queen. All the pieces are immaculate. The game itself defies its age, and looks shiny and new. No marks or damage at all, rubber feet still on the base. Also included is a step down transformer for use with the US power supply in the UK.

While we do send worldwide, please contact us if you intend to buy this item and are outside of the UK, as due to the huge size of the parcel, we will need to clarify airmail shipping to your region.

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