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1982 SUPER RARE Remote wireless joystick set for Atari VCS and 2600 consoles. Imagine a standard Atari joystick on steroids, and you'll have some idea of the beefy nature of these joysticks, they are at least treble the thickness of a standard joystick. These radio controllers brought wireless gameplay twenty five years before the Xbox 360 dropped its wires. The Game Mate 2 module plugs into both joystick ports of your console, and also hijacks its power supply. Each joystick uses batteries to provide power. While their massive size makes them a fun peripheral, this set is a highly prized Atari rarity.

Complete in Excellent physical condition, 9/10. During testing we found their response to be unstable, player sprites wobbled and didn't always control properly, this is because they use radio waves rather than infra-red, transmitted through the control box via antenna - like an old fashioned radio. In the currently digital climate I think these will be tough to actually use. Set includes manual and original box. 

Outer box is in great shape for its age, 8/10, included poly inners are excellent too. 

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